Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Anthurium Plant Care: The Two Critical Factors

Correct anthurium care is rather simple; you only need to address two fundamental factors to keep your plant healthy. These are placing your plant in the proper location and watering your plant in the correct manner.

To keep your plant healthy, you have to keep it in the appropriate spot. Anthuriums come from South American rain forests and may be harmed if they're not kept in conditions that are like their ancestral dwelling place. Within the rain forest, anthuriums generally run into temperatures between 70 and 90 degrees and humidity between 80 and 100 percent, in addition, trees shade them from sunlight.

So what exactly is the best way to reproduce this habitat? The initial thing you can do to make sure that your plant is kept at the proper temperature is to keep it indoors. Assuming that you keep your house's temperature between seventy to ninety degrees, your plant will find the temperature acceptable. The next thing you'll be able to do supply your plant the appropriate moisture is keep it in your bathroom. When you take a hot shower, you'll also be delivering plenty of humidity for your plant. Finally, if you keep your plant near a window, it should receive a suitable amount of indirect light.

Because they grow in rain forests, anthuriums are accustomed to receiving a great deal of water. But since they grow on trees, they're accustomed to having their roots exposed to oxygen as the water can drain away swiftly. This exposure to air is critical as it prevents the growth of anaerobic organisms that may harm them.

So you should water your plant daily to match the rainfall patterns in the rain forest, but also make sure that the water empties rapidly to allow your plant's roots to get some oxygen. To ensure excellent drainage your plant needs to be potted in a soil mixture that contains bark, perlite or volcanic cinder. Next, if your pot is in a drip tray, make certain that you drain the tray after every watering. If you don't empty it, water will get trapped in your plant's pot. So that's all there's to it, stick to these guidelines and your anthurium will do well.

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6 Exotic Wedding Flowers From Which to Choose for Your Memorable Wedding

For the bride who is looking for something a little different for her wedding celebration I wanted to share some alternative wedding flower arrangement ideas through the use of exotic wedding flowers.

With the exception of orchids and calla lilies, exotic flowers are not commonly used in most traditional weddings, but for the bride to be who wants a very different look for her special day, exotic wedding flowers may be an excellent choice.

Since exotic flowers are not used as frequently as other flowers, most people do not know much about them. Names, colors, care, or how to design with them is more of a challenge. Exotic flowers work best when used in a tropical or beach themed wedding.

The colors are bright ranging from white to deep reds and oranges. The textures range from velvety to a thick waxy look. The overall shapes are large ovals to long stems with petals separating at odd angles along the stem resembling lobster claws.

Most of the foliage will have deep splits along the leaves or tall spikes and can be used as a focal leaf instead of the actual flower.

1) Anthurium- Anthurium is one of the more popular tropical flowers with brightly colored waxy heart shape blooms. It is also smaller and a lighter weight compared to the heavy stems of ginger or bird of paradise. It is often used as boutonnieres, corsages, and hair flowers. Bridal bouquets designed with anthurium flowers make a lovely display whether used alone or with other exotic flowers.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Know All About the Flamingo Flower or Anthurium Flowers- A Tropical Beauty

Flowers, no one can match their beauty or innocence and when we are talking about beauty, one tropical flower does flash across the mind for once and those are Anthurium flowers, a native of Mauritius, these big and colorful flowers are a delight to look at. They are sort of a celebration of colors and the unique shape makes it all the more attractive. The Anthuriums are quite predominant in house gardens but there are not many houses in US that had blooming Anthuriums. The reason partly might be because no one has the mind to take so much hassle as this tropical flower requires a set of rules to be followed for its planting. Done correctly, the joy of growing these flowers is unmatched by any. However, for those who want the easiest way out can buy them easily from any wholesaler or mass dealer getting Anthuriums supplied directly from an importer sourcing the tropical flowers right from Mauritius.

The Flamingo flower, as Anthuriums flowers are often referred to as have generally short stems which have a length of not more than 30 cm. The leaves of this flower plant come in many shapes while most of the leaves are found at the end of the stems. The leaves are interesting in the sense that it is hard to find leaves with so many textures particularly that in flower plants. Anthurium lilies too have leaves that are either matte or glossy or semi-glossy in nature. The leaves of Anthurium plants are petiolate and they have a structure known as the geniculum, unique to the genus Anthurium. The structure of the plant allows it to swivel the leaves towards the sun.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

4 Good Reasons on Why You Should Buy Tropical Flowers

Up until 40 years ago the only tropical flower one could find in any flower shop in the US - apart from Hawaii - was the Bird of Paradise. Sometime in 1972 more and more flowers from the tropics found their way into a small number of flower shops located in the Village area of NYC, as well as into a select number of florists in San Francisco. Flowers as ginger, heliconia, anthurium, orchids and proteas were becoming very popular amongst the gay community. Nowadays one can find tropical flowers in almost every store in the US, especially in the large cities. Yet, abundant as they have become, many flower consumers shy away from purchasing them. The most probable reason for this phenomenon is ignorance. In this article I shall attempt to argue on why flower buyers should re-think their position on tropical flowers.

New York City is the entry point for most tropical flowers and, if you happen to live in the city, you will be paying much less at most of the florists in NYC than a person living in other states.

Yet, no matter where one resides in the US, tropical flowers are still affordable.

Choosing tropical flowers for any occasion, especially weddings, may be the right way to go. These flowers are usually found in tropical climates and bloom all year-round. They are most popularly used for tropical themed weddings. More often, they are also arranged with other exotic flowers and foliage. During the summer months, when most weddings take place, tropical flowers are abundant and relatively inexpensive, especially large cities.

Why Exotic Flowers Are Wonderful Gifts

Exotic flowers hold a special place in the hearts of flower lovers due to their breathtaking fragrance and exquisite beauty. These flowers with their beauty and fragrance can charm anyone. Their freshness and feeling is simply irresistible. They can win the heart of any person and can make him or her feel happy.

Flowers are the most beautiful creation of nature; it plays an important role in making our life more joyful and happy. People use flowers as a gesture of showing their feeling for their loved ones. For various functions like birthdays, wedding, baby showers, anniversaries, etc., flowers are also used for gifting. Sending flowers to your dear ones on different occasions relates to a specific meaning.

But do you know that flowers have meanings associated with them? And, that there are flowers befitting specific occasions? Everyone knows that a red rose stands for romantic love and white for mourning. However, meanings are associated not only with roses but almost with all Exotic flowers. But most people do not consider flower meanings before gifting them. Similarly, people who receive flowers may not know their meaning and hence miss the underlying message.

Given below are list of Exotic flowers with their Significance:-

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Exotic Hawaiian Grown Flowers For Your Wedding

Most people automatically picture exotic, vibrant, aromatic, and difficult to get when they think Hawaiian flowers for their wedding day. All true except the 'difficult to get' part. With the click of a mouse, most wedding couples can have their share of Hawaiian grown flowers for their special day. Create a combination of protea flowers and ti leaves foliage into a wedding bouquet, a table centerpiece, or a wedding arch arrangement and you have a work of art.

With a little bit of creativity and imagination, exotic Hawaiian flowers can be part of your wedding day. Preferred Hawaiian wedding flowers are anthuriums, orchids, protea, and Bird of Paradise. Foliage such as ti, palm, hala, and anthurium leaves when added to any arrangement will always enhance the overall look.

Proteas are curious botanical delights. Its dazzling variety of colors; pink, blood red, dark caramel, yellow, salmon, and red can satisfy the most discriminate of taste. A protea bouquet stays fresh-looking for a long time, even weeks. Better still, the Bride can dry the blooms and create an impressive arrangement for her new home.

Friday, August 17, 2012

How To Pollinate Anthuriums

It is relatively easy to propagate your potted anthuriums by taking cuttings, but it is also just a little boring, simply because the brand new plants are going to be precise copies of their parent plants. If you wish to generate fresh types of anthurium flowers, you'll need to grow them through seed. The hardest aspect of growing them through seed is getting seeds to develop in the first place. To get this done, you'll need to learn how to pollinate anthuriums.

Anthurium blossoms are perfect, meaning that they include both male and female parts. Yet, they typically do not self pollinate, because pollen is not produced until after the stigma stops being responsive to pollination. This ensures that wild plants are cross pollinated as frequently as possible to increase the genetic diversity of the species. Therefore, unless you have two plants, you will need to store pollen until your plant is ready for pollination.