Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Know All About the Flamingo Flower or Anthurium Flowers- A Tropical Beauty

Flowers, no one can match their beauty or innocence and when we are talking about beauty, one tropical flower does flash across the mind for once and those are Anthurium flowers, a native of Mauritius, these big and colorful flowers are a delight to look at. They are sort of a celebration of colors and the unique shape makes it all the more attractive. The Anthuriums are quite predominant in house gardens but there are not many houses in US that had blooming Anthuriums. The reason partly might be because no one has the mind to take so much hassle as this tropical flower requires a set of rules to be followed for its planting. Done correctly, the joy of growing these flowers is unmatched by any. However, for those who want the easiest way out can buy them easily from any wholesaler or mass dealer getting Anthuriums supplied directly from an importer sourcing the tropical flowers right from Mauritius.

The Flamingo flower, as Anthuriums flowers are often referred to as have generally short stems which have a length of not more than 30 cm. The leaves of this flower plant come in many shapes while most of the leaves are found at the end of the stems. The leaves are interesting in the sense that it is hard to find leaves with so many textures particularly that in flower plants. Anthurium lilies too have leaves that are either matte or glossy or semi-glossy in nature. The leaves of Anthurium plants are petiolate and they have a structure known as the geniculum, unique to the genus Anthurium. The structure of the plant allows it to swivel the leaves towards the sun.

There are a number of Anthuriums which can be grown as houseplants but there are certain steps to be followed for making this houseplant come into full bloom. It is not a very hard job but any kind of gardening requires patience and Anthurium flowers are not an exception. Weather or climate as to say plays an important role in growing Anthurium flowers. Especially when we are talking about growing beautiful Anthurium lilies for example in pots of soli, it is preferable that the climate is a mild one. If kept indoors, Anthurium flowers thrive best in temperatures between 16°C-22°C. However, the light conditions must be lower than other house plants. From the business point of view, those who import Anthurium flowers or deal in wholesale, they too have to maintain this temperature in their warehouses to keep the flowers fresh.

Getting back to the point, there are yet some other tips to be followed as well for growing Anthurium flowers or Anthurium lilies. To start with, one can fill a planting pot with draining holes two-thirds of the way with well drained soil. When it is Anthurium lilies that you are growing, remember that they generally grow to a height of 2 feet and 1 foot wide. That is why the planting pots have to be purchased accordingly.

Once the pot is in place, the Anthurium lily is to be placed nicely and the roots covered with soil. If it not a small Anthurium plant but seeds of the same that you are planting, then make sure that the seeds are not put very deep into the soil. Sufficient amount of light and heat should reach it to help it grow. Once the planting is over, sprinkle enough water to soak the soil completely. The Anthurium lilies should be given sunlight but not directly. Partial sunlight works best for the growth of the plant. Adding proper and timely fertilizer will ensure that the plant will grow nicely. this information from here

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