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Exotic Hawaiian Grown Flowers For Your Wedding

Most people automatically picture exotic, vibrant, aromatic, and difficult to get when they think Hawaiian flowers for their wedding day. All true except the 'difficult to get' part. With the click of a mouse, most wedding couples can have their share of Hawaiian grown flowers for their special day. Create a combination of protea flowers and ti leaves foliage into a wedding bouquet, a table centerpiece, or a wedding arch arrangement and you have a work of art.

With a little bit of creativity and imagination, exotic Hawaiian flowers can be part of your wedding day. Preferred Hawaiian wedding flowers are anthuriums, orchids, protea, and Bird of Paradise. Foliage such as ti, palm, hala, and anthurium leaves when added to any arrangement will always enhance the overall look.

Proteas are curious botanical delights. Its dazzling variety of colors; pink, blood red, dark caramel, yellow, salmon, and red can satisfy the most discriminate of taste. A protea bouquet stays fresh-looking for a long time, even weeks. Better still, the Bride can dry the blooms and create an impressive arrangement for her new home.

Anthurium's heart-shaped spathe with a protruding spike also comes in many colors: red, peach, purple, pink, white, and green. Though not native to the islands, anthuriums, the "heart of Hawaii" is one of the signature flowers of the island. Its exotic look, vibrant color, and longevity makes anthuriums a favorite Bride's choice for a wedding bouquet.

Orchids thrive on the Big Island of Hawaii (also known as the "Orchid Island"). The exotic dendrobium orchid is elegant and graceful. Symbolizing love, tenderness, joy, and friendship, the dendrobium orchid's cascading sprays do make stunning wedding bouquets.

Bird of Paradise's unique look and colors will certainly make a bold statement as a Bride's bouquet or grace the reception table's centerpiece. Its rainbow of colors is ideal for the adventurous and tropical themed weddings. A single Bird of Paradise with a ti leaf wrapped in lace will make a stunning Bride's bouquet. Add long stalks such as maroon anthuriums and make a dramatic table centerpiece.

The variety of foliages to choose from will make each bouquet unique. Add these blooms to your wedding day d├ęcor and make your own statement. Delight your guests. Create a day that will bring fond memories for years to come. It is not an impossible dream to make your wedding day special with exotic Hawaiian flowers.

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