Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Anthurium Plant Care: The Two Critical Factors

Correct anthurium care is rather simple; you only need to address two fundamental factors to keep your plant healthy. These are placing your plant in the proper location and watering your plant in the correct manner.

To keep your plant healthy, you have to keep it in the appropriate spot. Anthuriums come from South American rain forests and may be harmed if they're not kept in conditions that are like their ancestral dwelling place. Within the rain forest, anthuriums generally run into temperatures between 70 and 90 degrees and humidity between 80 and 100 percent, in addition, trees shade them from sunlight.

So what exactly is the best way to reproduce this habitat? The initial thing you can do to make sure that your plant is kept at the proper temperature is to keep it indoors. Assuming that you keep your house's temperature between seventy to ninety degrees, your plant will find the temperature acceptable. The next thing you'll be able to do supply your plant the appropriate moisture is keep it in your bathroom. When you take a hot shower, you'll also be delivering plenty of humidity for your plant. Finally, if you keep your plant near a window, it should receive a suitable amount of indirect light.

Because they grow in rain forests, anthuriums are accustomed to receiving a great deal of water. But since they grow on trees, they're accustomed to having their roots exposed to oxygen as the water can drain away swiftly. This exposure to air is critical as it prevents the growth of anaerobic organisms that may harm them.

So you should water your plant daily to match the rainfall patterns in the rain forest, but also make sure that the water empties rapidly to allow your plant's roots to get some oxygen. To ensure excellent drainage your plant needs to be potted in a soil mixture that contains bark, perlite or volcanic cinder. Next, if your pot is in a drip tray, make certain that you drain the tray after every watering. If you don't empty it, water will get trapped in your plant's pot. So that's all there's to it, stick to these guidelines and your anthurium will do well.

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Shoaib Khan said...

I've had my cotton candy anthurium for about nine months now, up until recently I have had no problems but all of a sudden some flowers on the plant have dried out can anyone explain why?
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